iMorning: wasting 2% of your life by sleeping next to your phone

This morning, I woke up and did what I’ve done almost every day since I got a smartphone: checked my e-mail, text messages, and various social feeds.  One thing led to another and I read 3 news articles, and watched a YouTube video.  All without even getting out of bed.

Pew Center research found that 65% of American adults sleep with a cell phone next to their beds.  Among people 18-30, that figure reaches 90%.  And with the smartphone trend at 40% of mobile subscribers and climbing, all those phone-sleepers have a ton of content to distract them while in bed.

Naturally, that’s led to lots of people losing sleep to their smartphones, and even to prioritize it over their domestic partners.

What’s alarming is that time spent in bed using my iPhone is not a direct substitute for time on my computer.  I do a lot of the same tasks, but less efficiently using a small keyboard.  And often I find myself reopening the same e-mails I checked on my phone when I get to the computer.

I think this is a dangerous behavior, but a difficult one to shake.  The phone experience is compelling, feature-rich, and easy to sit in bed with to procrastinate on sleeping or starting the day.


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