Jobs: a roundup

Yesterday the east coast had an earthquake, but today the entire world was shaken by the news that Steve Jobs stepped down as CEO of Apple. He’s going to continue as chairman, but retiring from daily operations.

He leaves at a time when Apple is truly at its height. He’s disrupted some of the biggest industries in the world: phones, PCs, music, and publishing. Apple’s products have dominant marketshare in markets they almost entirely mainstreamed – smartphones, tablets, ultra-thin computers. And they’re on the verge of launching major product upgrades in the coming months, and maybe even more.

An investment in Apple in 2006 would have 4x return to the beginning of this year, and Steve leaves at a time when Apple became the most valuable company in the world by market cap (exceeding ExxonMobil).

So, here’s another roundup of the best articles about Steve I’ve found around the web today:


NY Times: Jobs Steps Down at Apple, Saying He Can’t Meet Duties

WSJ: Jobs Quits as Apple CEO


AdAge: The 10 Best Ads to Come out of Steve Jobs’ Reign at Apple

GigaOM: Steve Jobs in Magazine Covers throughtout the years

WSJ: Steve Jobs’ best quotes

Wired: Money Quotes, Steve Jobs Style


Robert Scoble: A Front Row Seat to Steve Jobs’ Career

Vic Gundotra: Icon Ambulance

Marc Hedlund: You’re The Ones

James Altucher: 10 Unusual Things I Didn’t Know About Steve Jobs

Dharmesh Shah: 16 Brilliant Insights from Steve Jobs 1997 Keynote

Omar Malik: Steve Jobs and the sound of silence

Josh Bernoff: Steve changed the world five times

Walt Mossberg: The end of an era

Steve himself

And of course, the famous Stanford commencement speech: Text and Video

These paint a picture of Steve in the aspects that I most admire. Yes, he has incredible vision and obsessive dedication to quality. But he is also very humble, and a thinker, and an inspiring leader.

What most amazes me today is how Steve’s managed to even touch my own life. A sworn anti-fanboy from my first contact with a bright green iMac in fifth grade and its one-button mouse. Even I am using an iPhone today, begrudgingly love it, and will be buying the next one. Bravo, Steve.

This post is mostly for posterity, and to remind myself at some point in the future to Think Different.


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